We work with different products and cuts.
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No risks to you and total transparency.

Ramax offers complete solutions for your import needs, feedlot, logistics, financial and sales support.
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Financial solutions at your fingertips
Ramax has several solutions and differentiated rates that will help you expand your export sales. Ask for a proposal tailored to your business»
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We handle all the international communication
Our team of specialists makes all the contact with the international clients. You do not have to worry about the language, we do it for you. Learn more»
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Ramax invests in many ways. We supply all the cattle our partners need to process the production. Then we receive the products and streamline sales to the world. Contact us »
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Would you like to import from the Americas?
Importing beef, chicken, pork, or lamb is easy: we give all the necessary support in all the steps of the process, from the purchase of the product to the delivery. Understand how it works »
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We take care of the logistics
We have efficient solutions for storing and transporting products by land, air and sea, thanks to our international partners. Learn more »
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Ramax helps slaughterhouses and processors in the Americas in their exports to the five continents, making the whole process feasible, simple and transparent. More information »
No risk:
sell and get paid when the product loads at the plant, without risk of not receiving payment
Import from the Americas:
a world of possibilities for you to develop your business
Connect with the world:
we’ll take care of the documentation and logistics for you
Anticipate your receivables:
we have tailor-made financial solutions for your business
all costs are open for you to know exactly how much you will receive
Financial strength:
we have international partners and credit lines available for your business growth
International presence:
our team participates in the largest trade shows and events worldwide
count on our experience in the national and international market
Investment in marketing:
we are always working to increase your sales, inside and outside Brazil
Who already works with Ramax
Ramax facilitates all of my company's exporting processes, from the first procedures until the delivery at the final destination. Without Ramax I would not have access to the international market as I have today.
Frigonorte Paraguay
Trust is the word that best describes our partnership with Ramax. Besides the fact that the costs are open and transparent, we export our products and receive direct from the plant, , which leaves us even more unconcerned in relation to all stages of the process.
Mafrinorte slaughterhouse


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Intercontinental Foods
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São Francisco slaughterhouse
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In addition to these renowned slaughterhouses, we work with several other partners and companies, ranging from spot purchases to fixed volume deals. When negotiating with us, the international client will be negotiating directly with the plant, with less bureaucracy and total transparency in the process.