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Import from the Americas

We connect the world.

When it comes to importing beef, chicken, pork or lamb from Brazil, Paraguay or the United States, Ramax offers the best solutions. We make the connection between the world and our producers and business partners. Through efficient logistics processes and exclusive partnerships, the importer will be buying as if they were dealing directly with the supplier. It is the shortest route between the world and America’s slaughterhouses and processors.

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We can handle it for you.

International documentation and freight are no longer a burden to your business: leave it to us. We are able to provide all support necessary from the beginning process all the way to the final delivery to the importer worldwide. With agility and transparency throughout the process.

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Financial solutions

Count on our strength to grow.

Ramax has an extensive international financial network, guaranteeing lines of credit that will help you invest in your business. As well as with zero risk for your international receivables. Ramax pays the producer’s contract at the time of loading at the plant or with the bill of lading.

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International Marketing

We speak your language.

To open new markets, it is necessary to make numerous business trips, participate on major trade shows to attract new customers and to enable the closing of good deals. We do this work in the Americas and in the world so that your company has more possibilities to find the best partners.

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One more advantage offered to our customers.

Ramax invests in many different ways. In some of our exclusive partnerships, we provide cattle to the packers. We then receive the beef products and streamline sales to different markets around the world, controlling the supply chain and bringing quality products to the end consumer.

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Advantages for your business
You eliminate your costs of international trade shows and trips
We make the connection between you and your international supplier
Have access to consulting in the qualifications and certifications of new partners
Local producers eliminate the risk of international receivables with payment of the contract at the time of loading at the plant or with the Bill of Lading
All imports will be made through our company
We offer complete import support through our sales team, logistics, documentation, and after-sales services