At Ramax, we understand that our responsibility goes beyond commercial borders. We are committed to promoting sustainable practices and reflecting responsibility for the excellence and quality of our products, in all areas in which we operate. Top of the form

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability and socio-environmental compliance is evidenced by our adherence to the legitimate monitoring system with the strategic partnership of NICEPLANET, a company specializing in socio-environmental compliance consultancy. In addition to complying with legal regulations, we are promoting sustainability throughout the supply chain, reducing negative impacts on the environment and the community.

We have decided to invest significantly in this crucial aspect of our operation, recognizing the importance of operating responsibly and ethically. In collaboration with NICEPLANET, we implemented a parameterized platform that follows established protocols, ensuring efficiency and legitimacy in our socio-environmental analysis and monitoring process of our direct livestock suppliers.

We are proud to inform you that we are fully complying with the established requirements, ensuring full compatibility with Social, Environmental and Climate Responsibility Policies (PRSAC) and Integrated Risk Management (GIR). Furthermore, we are determining and implementing strict procedures to manage the risk of Illegal Deforestation associated with our operations.

Our efforts also include the adoption of robust controls for the Traceability and Monitoring of Direct and Indirect Suppliers, which include several measures, such as:

  • Embargoes for Illegal Deforestation according to the list maintained by Ibama and applicable State Environmental bodies;
  • Verification of overlaps with deforestation polygons of the Prodes Amazônia/INPE System and with Conservation Units, approved Indigenous Lands and Quilombola areas;
  • Analysis of vegetation suppression authorizations and overlaps with properties registered in the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR);
  • Verification of registration in the Employers Register related to work analogous to slavery;
  • Maintaining detailed records of animal acquisition information;
  • Guarantee of sufficient intrinsic characteristics for data integrity and audits by independent entities.

We thank NICEPLANET for its expertise and continuous support on this journey towards a more responsible and sustainable business model.

Together, we are making a difference and building a better future for everyone.