Our main goal is to help you grow.

Ramax works with solutions that value professional ethics, transparency, mutual trust, planned operations, responsible and efficient logistics, clear communication and availability of service.

Ramax is a multinational trading company with offices and operations in Brazil, China, Lebanon, Dubai and the United States. The company was born from a partnership between a group of experienced professionals with the objective of providing importers with contacts directly with suppliers and helping slaughterhouses in Brazil to expand their business all around the world.

We work in the animal protein segment: beef, chicken, pork, and lamb.

Ramax has everything you need to leverage your international purchases. We take care of all the logistics with customs documentation. In addition, we guarantee the delivery of the products for the final destination.

Worldwide connection

Through international trade shows and existing contacts, Ramax makes the connection between the world and our partners producers. International customers can buy products from the suppliers in South America (Brazil and Paraguay) and North America (mainly United States) as if they were dealing directly with the plant, shortening the distances between the world and our suppliers, and vice versa.


Ramax uses its financial strength to negotiate financing between selected suppliers and customers. We have attractive lines of credit, allowing the company to have a competitive advantage over the competition. We have partnered with Orleans International, the largest beef importer in the United States, operating since 1936, creating a group named ROI-Ramax and Orleans International. This provide us to use all our financial strength to negotiate the financing between selected group of suppliers and customers. We can offer attractive lines of credit, allowing our company to have more competitive advantage over the competition.

Our worldwide network of contacts can help you import, expand your business, and achieve greater and more consistent sales. Through the international trade shows and events around the world, we have developed tools that simplify the lives of the slaughterhouses, processors, and importers. Here are the main trade shows where we participate regularly:

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Ramax invests in many ways. In some of our exclusive partnerships, we provide all the cattle our partners need to process production. We then receive the products and streamline sales to different markets around the world, assuming the obligation to bring all products to the end consumer.


We have experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in the market. Our team is divided between Brazil, United States, Middle East, and Asia. Operating in several regions locally and keeping up to date with the latest international market trends.